The Sky Project

Waterloo, N.S.W. Australia

The Sky Project  -Press Pic
Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: With a hauntingly evocative vocal style reminiscent of a cross between Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, Stevie Nicks, and Madonna, Sky holds the listeners attention from her first delicate notes right through to the finale. It is a combination of ethereal beauty, heartfelt intensity and captivating storytelling that are woven together to produce an electro-acoustic soundscape designed to take you directly to your emotional peak.

Before Now:

Sky has a load of professional experience in live performance, recording, production and writing music with her last incarnation as front woman for progressive Sydney heavy rock band NAIAD. Now, 6 years on and a world of transformation later she has teamed up with Vlad, local guitarist and technological wiz. Together they have developed a unique electronic sound borne from their shared diverse musical histories. For the last two years they have been busy writing, producing and recording a healthy repertoire of music that is now ready to be revealed.


After teasing listeners with their pre-release sampler ‘Oops!’ described as "Whispering lyrics on a fabulous beat... a powerful tune to bleed your ears and send your body to the dancefloor", The Sky Project is now ready to unveil their debut release.

Packed with 25 minutes of pure ethereal pop and elecro-acoustic rhythms, the debut mini-album, The Other Side Of Day is a collection of songs with a single goal....... to plug directly into your heart.

After receiving high rotation radio play on with the hot favorite Thankyou, favorable reviews on, and immediate success on, the stage was set for an electric performance at Peats Ridge Festival in '06. Showcasing tracks from the debut mini-album, plus a whole more, this was an acoustic performance that left many wanting more.
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