Von Robinson and His Own Universe

East Grand Rapids, MI United States

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Von Robinson & His Own Universe (VR&HOU) is a New York based indie pop band. Currently, VR&HOU are performing high-energy shows in support of the U.S. release of their debut CD, Jostle It!#¢.

Von is originally from Indiana and began writing music in the 80’s. After design school, he had a successful career as an industrial designer, but 21st century world affairs got him writing, again. His new songs drew the attention of several Brooklyn producers, leading to the Jostle It!#¢ sessions and the formation of His Own Universe, a highly talented group of recent jazz school grads. Adam Christgau plays drums; Chris Anderson on bass; Erik white on guitar.

Von writes big, melodic, driving pop-tastic tunes, infused with intelligent and often darkly-humorous lyrics. Influenced by his fellow Hoosier, Kurt Vonnegut. Jr., Von’s songs resonate respect for the softer qualities of individuals and offer resistance to man-made establishments that distort and devalue those qualities. More accessible than your typical protest songwriter, Von uses pop to connect, jostling the populous with pop.
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