Romeo Liquor Store

Brampton, Ontario Canada

Romeo Liquor Store - Switchblade
Bio: It all started in the late nineties, when Dickie "Dream Boat" Del Ray, child star of the semi-hit sit-com, "It's all about Dick" lost his job when the show was cancelled due to the new wave of live reality television shows. After "It's All about Dick" was cancelled, Dickie turned to a life of drugs and crime. Like so many other child stars of the nineties before him, Dickie landed himself in jail. While serving his four-month sentence for assault, after a bar room brawl where an electronic bull was badly damaged and a midget lost an eye, Dickie met Tony C Fantastic. Tony C Fantastic was serving a three-year sentence for allegedly eating two members (Mike Chuck and Boris O) of his former band "The Cannibal Eaters". They never found any bodies, but the forensic evidence was in Tony's stool. That is not enough proof to charge someone with murder, it is however illegal to have human flesh in your poop. After Dick and Tony formed a strange and perverse friendship in the slammer, they decided that upon their release from the clink they would form a new band. That band would be called "The Kill Bots". The two cons recruited Johnny Pop, former child star from the eighties turned drummer. Johnny Pop appeared as Punky Brusters love interest as Punky hit puberty in the mid eighties. Former bass player from the Cannibal Eaters, Dougie Murder was also brought in to join Johnny Pop in the rhythm section of The Kill Bots. He was skeptical to play with Tony again, however he reckoned that if he not shower for weeks on end it might deter anyone who may have a taste for human flesh. Lastly, Kevin Marx, AKA Kevin Fingers, joined to play rhythm guitar aside Dickie. Kevin was one real mean son of a bitch, and was always jealous of Dickie's playing. There was constant animosity between the two, and as a result, Dickie left the band and went into hiding. Fate would take care of Kevin however. One night while The Kill Bots were out on tour in the United States, Kevin decided that he was sick of being broke and that he would rob a liquor store to get the guys some money for gas, some cash for ass and a coin to throw in the nearby wishing well. Kevin picked the wrong liquor store that fateful night in New York City. He walked into Romeo Liquor Store at midnight, owned by one Joey Basilone, and pulled a gun on Joey. Well, Joey was one mean son of a bitch as well. Joey was faster and shot Kevin in the head, he was pronounced dead at the scene. After the death of Fingers, Dickie came out of hiding and Romeo Liquor Store was formed to celebrate the death of Kevin Fingers. Romeo Liquor Store would like to thank Joey Basilone.
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