Pulp Dogs

Brooklyn, NY United States

Pulp Dogs
Genres:Kids/Quirky, World - Western European
Bio: "...pop music can serve as a film's memory, instantaneously linking it with its audience, tapping into a nostalgic past or fixing the film firmly in the present."
(Quentin Tarantino)

Pulp Dogs came to life in Bologna, Italy, around early 2006. The original idea was to pay tribute to the sounds of Quentin Tarantino's movies, but soon thereafter they were writing their own material and the Pulp Dogs started barking new life into the bloody existence of anybody who got exposed to their addictive sound.

Pulp Dogs play a raw but sophisticated mixture of lush and twangy americana rock heavily inspired by pulp culture and movies by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and the like... Their self-released debut CD "Songs Of Jealousy" is a dynamic collection of twelve eclectic songs that bring to the table an explosive mixture made of the tradition of rock'n'roll, the intimacy and atmospheres of the blues, a tangible portion of modernity, a certain retrospective taste of 1950’s America and a touch of the folkloristic roots of their homeland Italy.

Think about a blend of influences including Chris Isaac, Tom Waits, Dick Dale, The Centurians, Urge Overkill and the sounds that made the music of movies such as Pulp Fiction, Sin City etc. It's like when the Hawaiian surf meets the hot sand of the desert of Southern California...

"Songs Of Jealousy" was self-released in April of 2006 and was officially presented when the band opened for the American blues icon Elliot Murphy.

Pulg Dogs have recorded and mixed their debut album in Bologna, Italy and had it mastered it in New York by two time Grammy award winning engineer/producer Marc Urselli. The quality of the recordings and of the production and arrangements are extremely high and the band's line up is comprised of professionals and veterans of the music industry.

Although most of Pulp Dogs’ members are in their late twenties, they are also highly trained professionals of the music industry.
Pulp Dogs are:
- Vincenzo Pastano (guitar): award winning session player, classically trained, grew up on massive doses of rock'n'roll; writer of most of Pulp Dogs' tunes; played with some of Italy's biggest stars, including chart topping pop star Luca Carboni (whose band he currently plays with steadily), Lucio Dalla, Barbara Cola; also played with LA-based Stef Burns (Vasco Rossi, Y&T, Alice Cooper) and NY-based singer/songwriters George Mann and Adrienne Arno; works between Bologna and New York; more info at www.vincenzopastano.com
- Tonino Farina (vocals, blues harp): co-writer of Pulp Dogs' material; lived and played in San Diego, CA; previously with Red Airplane, Radio Kaos, Neaftervill, Lead Lizarrd
- Antonello D'Urso (guitar): plays with Warner Music artist Resto Mancha; studied jazz at the University of Music in Rome; award winning jazz guitarist; more info at www.antonellodurso.com
- Marco Gualandra (drums): drumming for more that two decades in the Italian rock scene; previously with Windopen and Radio City, some Bologna's most popular groups
- Claudio Natale (bass): previously with Magdalena, Celebrofish, Die Pflege

"This record has been conceived as a film! The light beam hits the frame, projecting slides of lights and shadows, the colors bloom within the phantasmagoria, blazing like fire in the obscurity...every song is a scene from our movie..." (Pulp Dogs)

visit Pulp Dogs online at www.pulpdogs.it and www.myspace.com/thepulpdogs
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