The Cobalt Season

Portland, OR United States

The Cobalt Season
Bio: Ever catch yourself in the middle of an inconsistency?

Violently protesting intolerance?

Screaming for peace and understanding?

Talking about poverty while sporting the latest sweatship-made fashion?

We talk big, dream even bigger, but what does real life look like?

Husband and wife team, Ryan and Holly Sharp, who comprise The Cobalt Season, attempt to explore this publicly…and much else.

In a time when everything sounds and feels the same and where the majority of the voices drivel away about lost romances... a voice like The Cobalt Season carries with it a certain weight.

Not only prophetically critiquing the American Dream but creatively imagining more hopeful alternatives. It’s hard to find an album that can do either of the two very well. Let alone do both at the same time.
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