Betty Arthur

London, Ontario Canada

Bio: Betty Arthur, a Canadian songwriter/composer, has created a large variety of musical works. She has written classical, ethnic, instrumental music, blues, country and ballad songs. Her first eleven compositions were released in Hong Kong by BMG Music.

Even though Betty's songs were created from the haunting memories of her childhood, it gives her music an emotional, lingering quality that is quite unique.

Here are some perceptive listeners describing Betty's music:

"Her music has a way of bringing back to us, the sad sweet memories of our youth."

"Her music is so unusual it truly is in a category all on it's very own - it reminds me of every romantic song I've ever heard yet impossible to pin down."

"When I listen to Betty's music I have a great desire to lay down on the couch and just dream - it takes me back to some very precious memories."

"Listening to her music is like traveling around the world on a romantic excursion."

"Her melodies are enchanting - unforgettable - it is refreshing to know that someone is still writing beautiful music."
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