Dennis Cheplick

Hadley, PA United States

Genres:Folk, New Age, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Rock - Roots Rock, World - Celtic
Bio: [Dennis] I started playing 6 string at age 11. From ages 15 - 19 I played in a local wedding band. At 19 I left college, moved to Nashville and spent a year jamming and writing with fellow musicians. I recorded several studio demos while in Nashville. Upon returning home, I spent the next 10 years honing my musical chops while while working various jobs. In 1990 I began recording original instrumentals including "Peaceful Nature", which received considerable airplay on
local college stations. In 1999 I was invited to record at Soundtrack Studios in NYC. Most of what I recorded there was used on various cable TV programs. After a second recording in NYC in 2004 I linked up with fellow musician Ray Young to record "Young Cheplick Volume 1".
In 2010 Ray and I then went on to record “Volume 2” which turned out to be a versatile and engaging collection of instrumental pieces.
Recently, in 2011, an album entitled, “Backbone Of The Nation”, that Cheplick had recorded in 1973, with his then 15 year old brother Gregg, was discovered by the owner of an independent record label. The album is slated to be reissued in vinyl on his “Time-Lag Records” label in late 2011.

[Ray] A long time guitar player I played in bands since junior high school and also became involved in owning my
own studio and I have produced over 125 albums up here in western Pennsylvania. The Young Cheplick project gave me a chance to become more involved on the other side of the microphone.
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