lincolnton, ga United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: "Proving that innovation doesn’t have to be boring or soulless, Boulevard is a fine example of a band succeeding on pure guts and audacity." - Performer Magazine
"Boulevard are content but pushing themselves and their boundaries on each track, nailing "Dreams of Home" and a sweeping "Hand in Hand" that bring to mind classic, majestic Suede numbers or current efforts from the Tears." (AMG)

"Simply put, Boulevard doesn’t sound like a band that just released its first EP in 2004, and Vice and Daring doesn’t sound like a sophomore effort. Boulevard consistently reminds listeners that rock music should be fun, kinetic and larger than life." Southeast Performer Magazine

"Boulevard sounds as if they''re on their fourth or fifth album here as the maturity of the songs and music is its greatest asset…It''s an impressive batch of tunes from a band sounding far wiser than their years."

"Melodramatic and glammy Anglophile jangle by apparent Suede fans from Athens, Georgia. The vocals swish about as the guitars ring out, and the result leaves most American Brit-pop wannabees in the dust." Village Voice

"Boulevard''s self-released Signal has that whole "Someday, Susie, we''re gonna get out of this two-bit town!" energy that befits the band''s bouncy, vaguely rebellious and very much youthful pop-rock riffs." Time Out New York

In December of 2005, Boulevard’s Vice & Daring went to college radio, becoming 8th most added in the first week. Vice & Daring, an EP with no label support, out-added Death From Above and almost out-added The Darkness who debuted at #7 on the CMJ charts. With this kind of response from both fans and the industry alike, Boulevard was drawn to New York City to pursue an even more modern, progressive sound. The (as of yet) unreleased single “Only For You,” is the ground work for the soon-to-be recorded first Boulevard full length LP. The future of rock ‘n’ roll is now and Boulevard is in the thick of it.
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