San Rafael, CA United States

Bio: “One of the leading importers/exporters of house, techno, trance and eurodance.

CAPP Records, based in the San Francisco Bay Area was founded in 1995 and remains one of the prominent US dance labels releasing commercial dance hits & compilations."

Domestic & International artists include Foundation, Rikah, Cary August, Fab, Rob Mayth, Siria, Rocco, Special D., Alex M., Bizarre, Mike Misar, Ministry Of Funk, 54 feat. Lawson, Jaybee feat. Morris, Prophitt, PopLife, Shahin Badar, Deskee, King Junior, Steely M., Kompulsor, De Lorean, Doug Laurent, Future Shock, Rainmaker, DJ Cobra, Oscar Salguero, Twister, DJ Brian Howe, Future Shock, Chris Huelsbeck, Steven Buckner and many more...
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