Pushstart Wagon

Monrovia, CA United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: In 1994, Eric Shouse, Ben Eggehorn and Steve Guiles put together their first gig at a coffee house in California. Guiles quite hastily penned their first songs, ‘Open,’ and ‘Weird’ which have been part of the repertoire ever since, and that is how Pushstart Wagon was born. Along with the first album, Squeaky Clean, came opportunities to tour the nation with several bands you’ve undoubtedly heard of, and a decade of friendship.

With all those details stuffed in your back pocket, it’s time to reintroduce yourself to Pushstart Wagon, and grab a copy of their new release, L.A. Was Our Alamo.

Singer/guitarist, Steve Guiles, immediately makes one thing clear. “We’re not trying to be something we’re not.” This honesty translates into music that fills a niche where alternative pop, roots and All-American rock converge. The band stays true to itself by filling L.A. Was Our Alamo with a mix of thought-provoking ballads, and radio-friendly, jangly, alternative pop.

“I love singing in front of people. I want to impact people the way U2’s The Joshua Tree impacted me when it first came out. It rocked. It was spiritual and searching. That was honest and real to me. And I want people to have a good time, because sometimes people just want to shake their butts, and we’d like to help them do that too.”

When it comes to dedication, loyalty and commitment, Shouse says, “We really are a family in many ways. Many of the songs are built on that sense of relationship. We love making music, and we love the music we make. There is something special about each of the songs, something that catches our imagination and hearts, and that''s why we chose them.”
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