The Krinkles

Chicago , IL United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: The Krinkles have honed their crushing glam/power pop aesthetic to perfection. Described by enthusiastic fans as the most eye-popping rock act to come out of Chicago in years, these guys go balls-out to win over fans with their high-energy live show and superbly crafted pop rock. With two critically praised albums to their credit (Three Ringos & Revenge Of…), along with ample years of tiring road-work, these four talented young men are back in amazing form. That’s why The Krinkles are looking to the future with rose-colored glasses…

With influences ranging from Badfinger to Kiss and all rock in-between, The Krinkles have a sound harkening to the glory days of Rock ‘n’ Roll with crisp vocal harmonies and delicate melody. This “hit you over the head without leaving a mark” approach is undercut by thunderous drums, pounding bass and thick crunchy guitars giving The Krinkles a sound and future that continues to grow.
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