Kelly Goodlad

toronto, ontario Canada

Genres:Country - Alternative, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: If Juliana Hatfield and Fiona Apple were to have a lovechild, that child would be quirky-pop singer-keys player Kelly Goodlad. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the soulful-eyed twentysomething singer who "could sing a menu and make you want to order everything on it" still battles fierce self-criticism and early-set stage awkwardness in delivering her songs from her insides to the outside world. That battle will rage on though the first half of 2007, as Kelly continues to road test her old and new material in preparation for a new, yet unnamed late 2007 release. Expect a rawer, more emotionally and sonically direct approach from Ms. Goodlad the next time around. The girl who honed her vocal chops on 1970s Olivia Newton-John LPs may surprise you the next time around.
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