San Bruno, CA United States

Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Ambient, Specialty - Horror/Suspense
Bio: Grindlestone brings together keyboardist/producer Don Falcone (Spaceship Eyes and Spirits Burning) and guitarist Doug Erickson in a new ambient, industrial project in the vein of Ian Boddy, Fripp and Eno, and Tangerine Dream.

Grindlestone mixes classical rock instruments (such as electric guitar and synth) with found sounds (such as rocks, industrial machines, electric shavers, and combs), and fuses them together in the digital domain. The final result of their debut work was mastered by noise pioneer (and ReR recording artist) Tom DiMuzio.

Doug Erickson has attended Robert Fripp''s Guitarcraft seminar/workshops and is involved in two California guitar circles. His Geary Street Quartet made its debut on The Plague of Crafty Guitarists Volume One compilation (their piece received a favorable comment in the Guitar Player review in 2005). Erickson has also appeared on albums by Spaceship Eyes and Spirits Burning.

Don Falcone has appeared on numerous ambient, space, and progressive CDs worldwide, including Weird Biscuit Teatime (with Daevid Allen) on Voiceprint, Spirits Burning (with members of Gong, Porcupine Tree, Hawkwind, and Can) on Musea''s Gazul label, and Spaceship Eyes on Cleopatra''s Hypnotic label. Rock historian and writer Piero Scaruffi lists Falcone as one of the top 100 rock keyboardists of all time.

Falcone''s earliest recorded work was on Silent Records with ambient/industrial pioneers Thessalonians (which featured sound guru Kim Cascone and Psychic TV''s Larry Thrasher). Falcone subsequently appeared in the original Melting Euphoria (once described as America''s answer to Ozric Tentacles) and then co-produced the debut Trap album (by Cartoon and RIO-drummer Gary Parra).

As Spaceship Eyes, Falcone put together ensembles that opened for the likes of Present and Grassy Knoll. In addition, Spaceship Eyes'' music was used as the main theme for rave movie "Better Living Through Circuitry." Falcone''s Quiet Celebration quartet has had its music used on VH1, Animal Planet, and A&E (including "Beyond The DaVinci Code").

Most recently, Voiceprint released Daevid Allen and Don Falcone "Glissando Grooves." And, in 2007, Falcone''s Spirits Burning space rock collective will have its fourth release, this time on Black Widow Records. This CD features over 40 musicians, including sci-fi writer Mike Moorcock, Gong''s Daevid Allen and Graham Clark, former Hawkwind singer Bridget Wishart, Bevis Frond/Hawkwind bassist Adrian Shaw, and others.
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