Hip Hop Science

Atlanta, GA United States

Bio: Music can be a bitch at times!! It can force you to make decisions and change direction in your life without even asking you how you feel about it. Well that just about describes how music has affected Chris V. First starting out as a member of a B-Boy crew in the early 80s, Chris has slowly transformed into an incredible writer and producer of the same music he used to just dance to.

Starting out breakdancing in a small town by the name of Martins Ferry, Ohio, Chris was always looked at a little different. It wasnt exactly cool for a white kid to be into Black music at that time, but he seemed to never really care about appearance. Well, except for the pumas, parachute pants and the red t-shirt that read Phase 2, his original b-boy name which he admits he borrowed from the famed graffiti writer out of NYC.

Chris was always a few steps ahead and saw a bigger picture when it came to music. In 87 and 89, he put together shows that won his local high school talent contests. Not only performing but organizing, directing and promoting the event performance, Chris always found a way to make himself and the people around him stand-out.

During his enlistment in the Military, the music itch began to cause him to scratch more often. Now the once dancer, had become a hype man/MC for the local Dj named DJ Legit. Chris was becoming very popular as an MC and began to write and record with production by DJ Legit and The Legendary Traxter (Twista Fame). His songs attracted the attention of several industry people and even landed him an indie deal, which fell through due to his military commitment.

After the Military, Chris moved to Chicago to focus completely on music. He gained attention as a battle MC and recorded with anyone in the city that had a four track. Again, with the help of his former manager, Stephanie Cheeks Williams, Chris was about to be signed, this time to Ruthless and Eazy E. But fate can be cruel and stole Eazy from all of us before the two would ever meet face to face. Chris kept his eye on his goal and continued to work on his skill but music was already making him change directions once again.

Now with a group of friends from Chicago, The Shady Acre Click, Chris found himself in the Dirty South. Chris now relied on himself to manage and began to make contacts which would become valuable even until today. He did the local MC battle routine, which he become complacent with and even won a few local talent contests. After a while Chris became tired of waiting for others to give him his first break and he decided to make it himself. Along with partners Billy Hume, DJ Sky and a few friends and family members, Chris began to record the now classic Atlanta album, Full Contact Sports. The album featured Lil John (TVT Records), BoneCrusher (Jive Records), Beezel (Def Jam South), Stil True and many other local Atlanta stars. The album got radio play on V103 and Hot 97.5 and had a song picked up by Tommy Boy Records for the Get Crunk! Compilation.

After a break from the industry, Chris hit the net to see what was going on with music in this new generation. After visiting several sites he stumbled across RapMusic.com and a new world of talent. He began posting music and gaining friends from the internet. Then after a chance meeting with Midway Games, Chris helped several internet producers get paid for their production work on the game NBA Ballers. During this time Chris met Chris, Soleternity, and the two began to vibe and talk about the future of music. The two eventually linked up and formed the company Science Camp.

Now Chris V has focused once again on the artistic side of his music and placed several tracks on TV shows including MTVs Room Raiders. Chris has also has over 240,000+ song plays and 100,000+ visitors on soundclick.com and myspace, always keeping him in the top 50 on the charts out of hundreds of thousands of other songs. Producing, writing and recording numerous songs, Chris V is poised to drop a true gem in Hip Hop and Commercial markets. Take a listen for yourself . . . Welcome to the Soulful Playground!!
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