Senor Happy

Somerville, MA United States

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Señor Happy

“I’m Sorry”

Señor Happy wants to apologize. So much so, they named their album, I’m Sorry. What for you ask? Mostly that it just took so long to make another great record and I’m Sorry looks to make amends for the wait.

Señor Happy’s first release, the critically acclaimed Señor Happy, came out back in the fall of 1998. Nominated as best debut local album by the Boston Music Awards, the album was pegged by CMJ as having an “uncanny, unpretentious knack for affable hooks, and each song, loaded with passionate, grungy riffs, ends quickly and knocks you on your keester.”

For the next year or two, the band - with core members Derek Schanche (lead vocals, guitar), Joe McMahon (bass, vocals), and Tom Polce (drums, vocals)- toured regionally, supporting acts like Walt Mink, Red Red Meat, The Figgs, and American Hi-Fi.

So what took them so long to make number 2? The phrase “scheduling conflicts” comes to mind: bassist Joe McMahon and drummer Tom Polce are possibly the two busiest musicians in Boston. Currently playing in eight bands combined, they’ve been involved in the recording of twenty-five or so records over the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, Derek Schanche wrote. He penned dozens of new songs, and then honed them down to the 11 tracks that make up I’m Sorry.

Though outwardly affable and easygoing, Schanche’s quiet intensity is what sets Senor Happy apart from what might be called the “typical Boston rock sound”. His haunting vocal delivery, reminiscent of Belinda Butcher from My Bloody Valentine, and his veiled and slightly unsettling lyrics are what create the texture of the band’s sound.

I’m Sorry, co-produced by Mike Denneen (Fountains of Wayne, Howie Day, Loveless) and band member Polce, will be released July 6th on Q Division Records.

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