Monstrum Sepsis

Oakland, CA United States

Genres:Gothic, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Specialty - Cinematic
Bio: Rob Wentz is a musician living in San Francisco, Ca. Originally from Chicago, where he started and participated in several important industrial bands, he moved on over to the west coast to be closer to happenings in the film industry, where he got his foot stuck in the door from landing dozens of music tracks on the Matrix DVD releases and box sets as well as well as several other Hollywood and prime-time broadcast productions just from meeting the right person at the right time.

Rob''s strength in music composition lies in the breadth of styles, the only similar thread being the dynamics and sensitivity of what you''re listening to (no matter how heavy) and the overall ability of the music to make your hair stand on end. You''ll hear grinding industrial and tribal rhythmic structures, soothing cello into epic orchestral movements, intricate beats, Syncopating electronics and arpeggiations originating from the deepest darkest raves no one ever told you existed.

Rob is also an artist and video editor/compositor working for the film industry in the SF Bay Area, so in a lot of ways he is very familiar with what you''re looking for.

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