The Peasants

Brighton, MA United States

Stretching Out With The Peasants
Genres:Country - Alternative, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Sports, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Rockabilly, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , Blues - Electric
Bio: The Peasants have opened for such notable acts as Aerosmith, The White Stripes and The Stray Cats. Their songs have appeared on MTV, VH-1, The Shield (Cable TV) show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nightline, World News Tonight and Good Morning America. A powerful live rock trio that began on the streets and subways of Boston, The Peasants continue to play out there every summer when not touring.

During the school year, Principal The Peasants Singer/Songwriter Pete can be found touring solo with the latest record.

Though virtually unknown to the music industry hacks, The Peasants have always scored high on College Radio with their self releases. All The Rage (1990) received tons of airplay and favorable reviews in CMJ.
The long awaited Out On The Street (1997) also received great airplay, reaching regular rotation on 250 College Stations. The Peasants successfully crisscrossed the country touring DIY for a few years until the offers from Europe.

Five Tours around Europe culminated in the release of the 12 song Welcome To My Country.
Suburban Records (NL) and Cargo Records (Germany) picked it up. But problems in the USA returned attention there and in February 2005 The Peasants returned to the studio to record songs mostly written before, during and after the first stolen election of George W Bush and the false buildup to the invasion of Iraq. With the same winning lineup of Billy Close on Bass and Stephen Hart on Drums, Love Your Enemy is considered by many to be the best yet from The Peasants.

Pete hit the road solo Fall 2005/Winter 2006 w/Love Your Enemy, touring throughout the midwest, south and northeastern US. He was out of commission March-May 2006 w/Hip Surgery but returned to the streets of Boston Summer 2006.

This Fall 2006 The Peasants kick off a 30+ show tour of Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland and Portugal starting September 1st. After a 4 year hiatus The Peasants look forward to seeing many friends in Old Europe and unveiling Love Your Enemy to them.
Francois Boit of Kill City Management (Lille, France) is still booking some last minute shows. If you have any ideas for a show or want to contact Pete for any reason, write
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