Sushi Robo

seattle, wa United States

Genres:Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Inspired by the art-punk bands of the late ''70s/early ''80s as well as more modern electronic experimentation, Seattle''s Sushirobo creates retro futuristic, jet-fueled music for analog robots. The band''s sophomore full-length, The Light-Fingered Feeling of Sushirobo, takes listeners on a headphone joy ride shimmering with pixilated, beeping, sweeping and soaring stabs of sound the likes of which you''ve never heard come from a guitar (although that''s exactly where they''re coming from).

Outburn calls it "a fantastic, heady album better experienced than explained." Rockpile writes "This quartet seems to have crafted an album of, dare I say, indie-rock excellence?" Alternative Press says ''Sushirobo throw the gauntlet to garage bands who see the future as filled with three chords, a bridge and a chorus." Devil in the Woods call Sushirobo "A sharp response to those who think indie rock isn''t capable of a few new tricks."

Working within the format of a traditional four-piece rock outfit, these Seattleites concoct otherworldly ditties glazed with the candy sheen of psychedelic post-punk pioneers Pere Ubu and Wire coupled with the juicy hooks of early-era Brainiac and modern-day heroes The Dismemberment Plan and Enon.

But despite all the experimentation, this band never loses sight of the song. These choruses will take up residence in your head for weeks as you wonder how this soundtrack for futuristic robots on hallucinogens could be so catchy.

Sushirobo formed and released their first e.p. in 1999 and quickly gained a following, playing shows with such bands as The Walkmen, Kaito, Cobra High, The Thermals, Harvey Danger, Steve Fisk, Gloria Record, Velvet Teen, Sin Ropas and Cobra Verde.
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