mr. Ray

Highland Park, nj United States

Genres:Folk, Kids/Quirky, Country - Alternative, Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: mr. RAY (Ray Andersen) has been writing and
performing music for kids since 1994.
Before that, his band, blue van gogh, was the opening
act for matchbox twenty throughout Germany.
In 1998, he got a call to join international rock superstar,
Meat Loaf, as his guitarist and keyboardist.
Ray toured all of Europe and appeared on Letterman,
Leno & The View during his ''98-2001 stint with Mr. Loaf,
who he remains good friends with today.
mr. RAY has released two albums and a DVD,
and his forthcoming album, Family Ride, will be released in January 2007.
His songs can be heard on Blues Clues, Radio Disney, XMKids and
Toys R Us stores, coast-to-coast.
He is also in the process of making a brand-new DVD and a commercial to promote it.

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