Troubadour Tunes

Temple, TX United States

Genres:Country - Classic
Bio: Frank Zaruba, owner of TROUBADOUR TUNES and a publishing company, MIDTEX
MUSIC, affiliated with Broadcast Music Inc., has been writing and composing music nearly 40 years. All of his songs are produced in Nashville, Tn with a top-notch studio. He has had country songs recorded by Grammy-winning Tex-Mex
artist, LITTLE JOE LA FAMILIA, a legend in the Tejano/Tex-Mex music field for many years. Mr. Zaruba also contracts with other writers and is currently shopping tunes to
Nashville artists. He has also won many songwriter awards, among them, BILLBOARD,
AMERICAN SONG FESTIVAL, MUSIC CITY SONG FESTIVAL and others. He has been working with the Pump-Audio company for the past 2 years and is looking forward
to a successful relationship with them. He recognizes the fact that the music licensing
field is a highly competitive endeavor and is constantly on the lookout for fresh, new outstanding material. He intends to continue supplying their needs with great tunes and lyrics
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