Snake & Butch

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Genres:Disco, Funk, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Pop, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Teen, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Electronic, Rock - New Wave, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary, RnB - Classic/Soul
Bio: Snake and Butch (and their canine DJ Dex) need no introduction. They are the biggest musical group in the world. "It would be difficult to genetically engineer better Pop Stars," raves SmashBang! magazine.

They came to prominence in the public eye by winning and then forfeiting the American Superstar crown, the television talent search that promised guaranteed stardom. The producers were only interested in Snake, but the charismatic lead singer refused to leave his musical soulmates behind. After all, Butch is the studio wizard responsible for the "S&B sound", and where would either of them be without the turntable pyrotechnics and unconditional support of Dex? Fortunately, music industry svengali Buck Moneygreen recognized their incredible chemistry and signed them to an exclusive contract the very same day of the American Superstar fiasco ... and the rest is entertainment history.

?The group is currently travelling the world, promoting their #1 debut album. A film crew from "On The Real With Snake and Butch" documents their every move for the hit TV show of the same name. They are frequent guests on MusicVision''''s popular request show "Big Hits Now" with the suave Todd Benson, and can often be found in the VIP lounges of Manhattan''''s most exclusive nightclubs.
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