Sara Ayers

Castleton, NY United States

Bio: Sara Ayers creates unflinchingly intimate soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted. Combined with occasional guitar washes and a warm bedrock of molten noise, she creates richly textured sonic atmospheres that vary in tone from the haunting whispers of angels to wall-of-sound banshee wails: a soundtrack for forgotten dreams. Rhythm and News characterized as her sound as "shimmering sonic poetry," and The Kettle Black described it as "a must-have for fans of angelic voices."
"I think of my work as highly accessible to those with a little patience and an open mind, but completely bewildering to others," says Sara Ayers. "I focus mostly on vocally-based sounds, tending towards hypnotic, stream-of-consciousness arrangements. To those expecting formulaic pop or classical music structures, my music may seem like pointless meanderings or pure noise.
But for those unafraid of the sound of their own thoughts and opinions, my work functions as a soundtrack to the listeners'' dreams, hopes and desires. It beckons listeners to enter their own inner world, and almost not hear the music. I aim to transport the listener to a place where time flows in unexpected ways, to hypnotize them, to take them deep inside the sound itself."
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