Ithaca, ny United States

Fromunda - Four Days Under the Gun
Genres:Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Liberating composite sounds of alternative metal with post-grunge and hard rock atmospheres, Fromunda create a unique set of powerful conceptions within the rock & roll genre. Influenced by outfits such as Soulfly or Alice in Chains, they choose to produce their very own conceptual kind of alternative metal. Fromunda formed in Ithaca, NY, in 1997, with Mike Gracen (guitar, vocals), Stefan Brownell (bass), and Greg Mason (drums). Following a year of rehearsals, the NY crew released its first disc, a self-titled demo, which contrived some enthusiasm surrounding their work. In 1999, Brett Fuentes joined in as the main vocalist and it was then that Fromunda, their eponymous debut album hit record stores. Four Days Under the Gun showed up in 2000 as their second album, before the band decided to take a break for several months. In June 2001, Fromunda returned from their hiatus, performing on various live occasions.
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