Somerville, MA United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Lounge/Exotica, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop

The members of Francine might be Boston’s most unlikely rock stars.

Formed 7 years ago when singer/songwriter Clayton Scoble passed some home demos around to his friends, the indie pop outfit – consisting of Scoble (vocals/guitar), Albert Gualtieri (guitar), Paul Simonoff (keyboards), Sean Connelly (bass), and Steve Scully (drums) – admits to some decidedly un-rock-star-like behavior.

"We''re excited just to play music that we like," says drummer Steve Scully. "If there''s an audience for what we do, we''re psyched. If not, we''ll still go down to our rehearsal space twice a week and play together."’

"It''s just like bowling night,” quips Scoble.

A master of understatement, Scoble has been hailed by The Boston Globe as "one of this city’s most imaginative songwriters," and Francine’s songs compared to "pieces of a jigsaw puzzle whose picture materializes incrementally." The band’s sound has downshifted from eclectic Pavement-flavored pop-rock into mellower, more introspective territory, while still displaying the carefully crafted hooks, complex arrangements, inside jokes, and half-buried musical "Easter eggs” that have captivated growing numbers of listeners, despite the band’s apparent lack of self-promotion.

In fact, Francine’s prior releases, 40 On A Fall Day (2000), and 28 Plastic Blue Versions Of Endings Without You (2003), have won them fans in high places. Their songs have recently been featured in programming on VH1, MTV, and ABC Family, and are enjoying strong satellite radio support on XM Radio’s “XMU” channel. A track from their previous release, "Albany Brownout," was featured in a January 2006 episode of the Fox network’s hit show, The O.C.

Their 3rd full-length record, Airshow, is due out June 13th on Q Division Records. In their characteristically lo-fi, un-rock-star way, the band chose to record it at their rehearsal space, with drummer Scully at the helm. And like their previous efforts, it promises to deliver more of Francine’s blend of conversational delivery and intricate but understated arrangements.

Asked what he’d most like to overhear someone say about Francine, Clayton Scoble replies, “I wouldn''t at all mind overhearing, ‘Well, I hate `em, but I can see why Bob likes `em.’ This is assuming that Bob has impeccable taste, though.”
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