The Time Beings

Downers Grove, IL United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: The Time Beings was/are a pop trio that developed their sound from a foundation of great songwriting (Beatles-influenced melodies, harmony vocals and powerful pop hooks), something that is just simply overlooked in the age of computer-generated drum beats, gangster-rap lyrics and plastic profit-driven pop divas. They knocked around Chicagoland for many years in the 1990''s, playing nearly every club of any notoriety in the city, eventually becoming disillusioned with the task of selling beer for club owners. For them, it was supposed to be about the music and creating great songs organically, living in the spirit of indie rock. Steve, Jon and Tony originally were members of The Code, a five-piece late 80''s rock outfit that lost out in a Battle of the Bands to Scott Bennett''s ''A Fine Mess'' (which won the national ''battle''). Scott has recently been seen as a member of Brian Wilson''s house band. The Code broke up in 1989. The trio reformed in 1993 with Steve on bass (for the Time Being), Jon on guitar and Tony on drums. The band was immediately signed by the now defunct Red Dog Music Group and released two fine CD''s, The Time Beings ( and Lemonade ( ). In 2000, the trio was augmented by Dave Bills on keyboards and recorded their finest effort, ''Gas Money'', an EP, at Gravity Studios. The EP was engineered and produced by Doug McBride. On the strength of the EP, the TB''s played House of Blues, Taste of Chicago and even opened for Bon Jovi at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park. Family issues and musical differences have suspended any further recordings from the TB''s since 2002.
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