Clinton, Iowa United States

jack spunk
Bio: I bought my first harmonica, a Marine Band, at a little department store down on Main Avenue in 1965. It cost $ 3.15. At the time I had a little business selling nightcrawlers on the Lyons river front and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. I had enough dough to buy either the harp or a polyester Beatle wig. My pal Wally got to the wig before I did. A year or two later I had a garage band and was playing Junior High mixers, and Wally had grown his own “mop top”.
I had a little blues band in the early ‘80s, moved to Milwaukee and formed the Unidynes. We played neighborhood and biker bars, blues clubs and a weekly Sunday night gig at a notorious “mob” supper club. We moved back to Iowa in ‘89. I hooked up with some old friends at a weekly jam session who had been playing in a popular cover band for years, and were looking for a change of pace. We worked up some obscure blues and rock tunes and booked ourselves around Eastern Iowa/ Western Illinois.
I had been writing songs for some time but was a little hesitant to bring them into the mix. I convinced our rhythm guitarist that we needed to write our own material if we wanted to get anywhere in the music business. The tunes came along and went over very well with our live audience. In the late ‘90s the band entered a contest sponsored by a local blue club and won recording time at Junior’s Motel, a hip little studio in Otho, IA, and recorded our first album “Once in a Blue Room”. The CD sold well, got solid reviews and a lot of airplay on local FM and Public radio. In 2000 we returned to Junior’s and recorded the Unidynes’
second album “Smoke”, which was also very well received. The songs I write are simple little slices of life stories drawn from my working class Midwestern perspective.
In 2001 we signed an agreement with Pump Audio to license our music and as a result have gotten considerable exposure from the use of the music as backgrounds and cues on cable T.V.
I work on my song writing on a daily basis, and have recorded the demos for the next album, “Mechanicsville”. As soon as I can scrape up the dough we’ll get back to the studio and record the CD.
I’m currently working in a neo-hillbilly blues trio, The Munko Brothers, and play an occasional gig with the Unidynes.
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