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Genres:Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Alternative Rock

Jeff Zazueta – Vocals
Mike Hornak – Guitar
Adam Andersen - Guitar
Jimmy Rees - Bass
Collin Torres - drums

n. pl. stig•ma•ta (stg-mät, -mt, stgm-) or stig•mas

A mark or token of infamy, disgrace, or reproach: stigmata bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain corresponding in location to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus, usually occurring during states of religious ecstasy or hysteria.

Archaic. A mark burned into the skin of a criminal or slave a brand.

By definition, a stigma is a mark or token of infamy, a brand often burned into the skin of a criminal or slave. Music can act as a stigma as well, while maybe not by the textbook physical definition, it can act in much the same manner, leaving an indelible mark on your mind and soul. Music can also cleanse the soul, and to some it is a religious experience, more powerful than you will find in any church.

The Los Angeles quintet, STIGMA, has chosen an appropriate name. Their music is rich in emotion and power, and with vocalist Jeff Zazueta pouring his soul into every note it will most definitely leave a mark. This isn''t prefabricated pop bullshit this is true, honest hard rock, much in the vein of the greats who have come before them. The songs ring with an instantly likeable appeal, and while it may at first listen bring to mind many of the great rock artists of our lifetime artists like The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains, STIGMA is bringing their own modern edge to an age old rock formula.

The band came together as a side project, with guitarists Mike Hornak and Adam Andersen, and bassist Jimmy Rees defecting from IE rapcore stalwarts <151>, and Vocalist Jeff Zazueta, coming from Orange County/IE hard rockers Trak 13, and drummer Collin Torres, formerly of Depswa who had jumped on board to fill the vacant drum throne in <151>. And while both bands have enjoyed a level of regional success, it was not until this carnation came to fruition that the members got a glimpse of their full potential.

While the band originally tried to work Jeff in as a second vocalist to <151>, the music and vibe they created quickly took on a life of its own, and before long they realized it had no place in the confining rapmetal structure of <151>. Stigma was born.

The group then entered an Orange County studio to record their first 2-song demo, "All I Live For", and "Swallow", with producer Shawn Sullivan at the helm. Within HOURS of finishing the demo, it had already started to garner interest from major record labels.

And within a span of a few weeks, the band had written almost an entire album worth of material, recorded several more songs, including a collaboration with former Incubus DJ Gavin Koppel (aka DJ LYFE, DJ 1987) taken out ads in major national Rock publications including Revolver, garnered strong corporate Active Rock airplay, and received praise from some of music''s heaviest hitters.

“...Great voice...strong melodies and hook-filled choruses"
- John Lenac - Rock Editor | HITS Magazine

"Stigma is fucking incredible, with such a powerful sound. Vocals that just won’t let go, this band cuts right through! These guys will be huge!"
- Daryl "Dirty D" James - Music Director | X103.9FM, San Bernardino, CA

"We all look for something different in music. STIGMA is that something different. They''ve got the guitars... they''ve got the hooks... they''ve got everything a good radio band needs."
- Matt Wardlaw - The Metal Show | WMMS FM, Cleveland, OH


Alexander Seif

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