San Francisco, CA United States

Genres:New Age, Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions
Bio: Irina Mikhailova delivers profound vocals transcending the boundaries of culture and human experience ranging from intimate to adventurous, trancey and hypnotic. It''s like brightly colored veils slowly swirling in warm evening winds, heavy with the scents of faraway caravans.
Irina is a cross-pollinating vocalist, composer, and multi instrumentalist whose musical style reflects the rich traditions of Russia, the Middle East and Asia. Born into a family of professional musicians in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, Irina currently resides in San Francisco, California. Rich with the multi-ethnic sounds that surrounded her childhood, and the power and depth of her own soul, she lends her warm and other-worldly vocals to an eclectic range of music from classical to traditional, as well as electronic and other crossover genres. She has worked and recorded with an amazing cast of musicians, including Glen Velez, Hamza El Din, Paul Mc Candless of Oregon, and pop sensation Jewel.
Her talents have brought her onto stage with a diversity of world performers, ranging from Ali Slimani and Cheb i Sabbah to Banco de Gaia and Juno Reactor as well as Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead) and Spearhead.
You can see her discography here:
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