David Adams Thompson

Bozeman, MT United States

David Adams Thompson
Genres:Folk, Country - Classic, Country - Bluegrass
Bio: David Thompson, the songwriter and ‘man behind the curtain’ of Woody Overtones Music, lives in lovely Bozeman, Montana, where he does a bunch of things. Those things include—or have included—being a fly fishing guide and instructor, a published outdoor photographer, a writer for some mid-national-level magazines, and currently runs a marketing agency called Brickhouse Creative. Also, he travels and performs with Kane’s River, the Fishing Music Band, and the Growling Old Men trio on occasion, and has co-produced two deceptively cute daughters.

Musically, David’s first instrument was the piano, which he has sadly forgotten how to play, and same for the clarinet. Primarily a bass player (some electric but mostly upright these days), he also plays guitar, played around with drums back in high school, and now some mandolin, and messed with a banjo for like three weeks at one point. He wishes he could play the pedal steel or the cello, but that’s just not going to happen in this lifetime. Thompson can sing harmonies, but lead singing isn’t really something anyone would recommend for him. Songwriting is his real passion—and although he doesn’t write the songs that make the young girls cry, one time a guy said his twenty-something son would “get teary eyed” when he heard an old version of David’s song “Spanish Peaks, China Moon,” so that’s something anyway.
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