Delilah Harris

Long Island City, New York United States

Genres:RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary


In the world of contemporary pop music, it''''s too often a case of too many singers, so little time. That said, there''''s always room for a new voice that''''s got all the magic. Make way then for the beguiling bayou dreamweavings of Delilah.

Growing up in the sleepy Louisiana town of Leesville, Delilah knew she was special -she could sing. "I realized I had this voice, this thing when I was very little," says Delilah. "In

school, I made All-State (vocal choir) four years in a row. I chaired alto-one (range between alto and mezzo soprano)." She continued her development in college, working

with private coach Jody Whitfield (ex-wife of jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield) to polish up her classical technique.

A chance meeting in ''''95 with Ladybug of Digable Planets at their New Orleans gig would set Delilah on her future path. "She wanted me to come to New York City," recalls the vocalist. "Her intent was to use me as a writer and vocalist in a production company she was starting. I moved to New York in September, ''''95. We tried it for three months, but it didn''''t work out." Undaunted by this downturn of events, Delilah pressed on.

Later that year, on a December night at Nell''''s, Delilah hooked up with musicians John Adams and Steve Williams of her present production posse, Funknstuff Entertainment. Sensing that these veterans (collective resume: Sade, Will Downing, Zhane, Keith Sweat, De La Soul, Mica Paris, the Digable Planets) had the skills and the vibes that she needed to realize her visions, Delilah''''s decision to work with Funknstuff was solidified by the energy, music business knowledge and mad recording skills of third member Pat Smyth.

Full-on collaborators since April of ''''96, Delilah and Funknstuff have been deep in the lab. "I write all the words -they supplied the tracks and I would weave the lyrics through them." The result is a seductive creation of spacey, funkdafied keyboards, low n'''' phat bass, boppy drumbeats, burbling guitars and warmly intimate leads and background overdubs. This is neo-soul with a love twist, heavy on the smoove.

A mirror to her soul, Delilah''''s music is at its core, a healing vibe. "Even when I''''m somber, no matter where the lyrics fa//, it''''s all over peace and love. It''''s always upbeat with life. I want you to be soothed by my voice. You''''re going to have to pay attention but I want the music, the melody to catch you and then have the lyrics open you up. I want to fi// you up like Etta James -completely and utterly."

Yeah, Delilah and FunknstuffEntertainment are ready for the world ...their time is now. Big Headed Girl [LVC-32 I 161] wi// be in-store May 22,2001 on CD.

For more information, contact: iNQue Public Relations, 732.254.0607
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