Various Artists

East Grinstead, West Sussex United Kingdom

Genres:Specialty - Polka, World - Tribal, World - Middle Eastern, World - Eastern European, World - Asian - Mainland, World - African , Latin - Mexican - Mariachi
Bio: Spokinn Movement is a hip-hop collective of four like-minded artists led by wordsmith iLLspOkinN, with Dave Cinquegrana on guitar and guitar synth, Chris Cuzme on bass and saxophone, and Yoni Halevi on drums. The group spins an eclectic assortment of influences from jazz, funk and rock to world music into a fresh, spontaneous sound guided by a driving beat and melodic lyricism. Says iLLspOkinN, “In New York, you have all kinds of people. I’m a hip-hop MC, and when I freestyle down in the subway, an old white lady might stop to listen. You reach an audience who normally wouldn’t hear your music.”

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