Terraform Records

Denver, CO United States

Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Techno, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Drum-n-Bass/Jungle, Electronic - Big Beat, Electronic - Ambient, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Pop - Electronic, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: DropCulture is a San Francisco based soundsystem whose recordings fuse the production and DJ talents of veterans John ChamiƩ and Daryl Stubbs. As you would expect from a San Fran soundsystem, their sound has a distinct flavor and DropCulture take this distinction one step further with a unique blend of techno, house and old school reggae.
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