The GC5

los angeles, ca United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Influenced by the drive and urgency of late 70''s British punk, Chuck Berry guitar riffs,and the melodicism and bitterness of Elvis Costello,with a working-class ethic and D.I.Y determination, "brothers and sisters," THE GC5. Balls to the wall rock ''n roll, complete with fierce guitars, street punk intensity and catchy fist raising anthems. "Never Bet The Devil Your Head" is the bands 4th record (2nd full length) and the kids barely twenty (two of which are brothers) know their roots. Recorded in their home town Cleveland,Ohio - and produced by the Dropkick Murphy''s Ryan Foltz (who also plays organ and mandolin on the record) - themes of working class pride, leftside politics and antiestablishment outrage run rampant. For Fans Of: Rancid, Swinging Utters, and The Clash
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