The Neighbors

Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Allen Farmelo is an independent producer, engineer and songwriter living and working in NYC. Throughout the 80''''s and 90''''s, he played on the indie rock circuit with his bands RedDog7, and later The Neighbors, but fell most deeply in love with recording while working with those bands. Engineering and producing were natural career choices. When not producing records for other artists, Allen continues to write and produce his own music, which blends his indie rock roots with newer approaches to production, especially his fascination with introducing randomness into pop-rock arrangements. Allen works out of his own studio, which he calls The Farm, but also uses a few studios around Manhattan, including Mavericks Studio, a new, spacious, open-concept studio with a reputation for killer drum sounds. Allen has written articles that appear in Tape-Op, Popular Music and Society and Muse''''s News. He also played cowbell on the 2005 recording of Deep Purple''''s "Smoke on the Water"
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