Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie

Cumberland, BC Canada

Genres:Folk, Country - Classic, Country - Bluegrass, Blues - Electric, Blues - Acoustic
Bio: Good acoustic roots music lovers are lucky, because two excellent musicians have joined forces for recording this cd. Both are well know artists among canadian fans and even folk or other similar musics tasters. Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie are totally inspired, with a wide rich variety of styles that cover from blues influences which are deeply present in their music but also from so different kinds of music like celtic music, indian songs and even medieval tunes. Songs like ‘Little Martha’, ‘Carry Me Away’, ‘Fear’, ‘Kansas City’, ‘Not Time For Sam’, ‘Cool Drink Of Water’ or ‘Red Haired Raga’ are simply delicious bites full of beautiful nuances and details of an amazing good taste which increase the beauty of a personal intimistic original piece of work. VERY GOOD
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