Sammy Smash

new york, ny United States

Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Old School, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Pop/Modern

USA - Hip-Hop - Contact -917 543-1096

Sammy Smash- The Youngest Ceo in Charge!!

Rap artist, Rap & R&B songwriter
& producer born in 1985, in Harlem, New York. Smash grew up listening to all types of music from gospel to r&b soul & hiphop. He gained a passion for music by the young age of 5.
He sung in a school play at the age of 6
and performed so well that The Boys Choir Of Harlem gave him an invitation to join
the group. Smash kindly turned
them down. Smash felt being that his mother was a single parent & he was the man of the house he couldn''t leave her.
By age 10 Smash combined his love for music with entrepreneurship by creating & selling music tapes
on the street.
On a good week this young business man made $500 or more,
not bad for a ten year old.
He would in return help his mother with money. All this would pave the way & create his drive & motivation to succeed.
Smash & his older friend LA Hooked up with a company called New Gallexy. They would help the company with concert
promotions & promotion of parties.
Through New Gallexy, Smash was focused & seen first hand how to run & conduct business. He also seen how the artist were really living behind the scenes & he learned it wasn''t as large as they portray on tv. Smash then started writing music & going to music seminars to gain knowledge. He also brought himself a keyboard & after sometime started producing. Smash then started & incorporated GET BIZZ ENTERPRISES at the young age of 18. He then produced his own self intitled album.It has sold a little over 8,000 UNITS locally.
THE YOUNGEST CEO IN CHARGE under Get bizz recently but this young CEO doesn''t stop there .
He has yet another business a partnership with a buddy. The
company is called Starvizion Entertainment.
They have 13 fully written movies & have a children''s book in print. For more info. on the book go to With
everything taken into consideration. Is there any stopping Smashes hustle? I think
not he is truely becoming The Youngest Ceo in Charge.
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