Alli With an I

Greensboro, NC United States

Genres:Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk
Bio: After catching wind of Alli With An I''s growing fan base, Law of Inertia Records decided to make the band a very generous record deal.
This time, two and a half years after the release of the "Long Story Short," Alli With An I was going to have a chance to record with a legendary producer, to make an album that would do Alli With An I and their fans justice.

In June and July of 2003, Alli With An I recorded their most impressive work yet, a soon-to-be released record entitled, "I Learned By Watching You." This album was recorded and co-produced by Brian Paulson, a name you might know from recording artists Beck, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Soul Asylum, Avail, Superchunk, Crooked Fingers, The Replacements, Archers of Loaf, Dinosaur Jr., Squirrel Nut Zippers, or any other of the many great bands and artists that have chosen to work with Paulson.

Now with the second pressing of "Long Story Short" on the verge of being sold out, and the new record "I Learned It By Watching You" now available to the masses, Alli With An I is becoming a well-known band across the country and the world. In-between the release of their two records, the band has toured all over the country, playing at venues like CBGB''s, The Shelter, Cat''s Cradle, Go! Room 4, Maxwell''s, The Back Booth, Tremont Music Hall, and The Velvet Lounge.
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