David T. Chastain

Tyrone, GA United States

Bio: David T. Chastain is one of the most versatile, original and acclaimed guitarists of our generation. His guitar shines on all of his diverse recordings. From his dominant metal guitar on his CHASTAIN band releases, to his neoclassical showcases on his early instrumental releases, to his fusion oriented instrumental releases in the 90s, to his hard rock based instrumental releases of the 2000s, David continues to amaze. Also David''s all acoustic guitar masterpiece "Acoustic Visions" released in the late 90s is unrivaled in its genre. David''s southern blues rock based bands Southern Gentlemen and the Georgia Blues Dawgs that burst upon the scene in the early 2000s, have become some of David''s most critically acclaimed releases of his storied career.
David continues to record and release new Cds every year that still leaves us breathless with his originality and quality!
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