Branch Manager

reston, va United States

Genres:Reggae/Dub, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Branch manager was formed in 1989 in the U S A. The trio hailing from the suburbs of D. C. went to the same highschool together in their hometown of Reston Va. Their debut show was in January 1990. The band consisted of Dave Allen bass Derrick Decker drums , Ron Winters guitar and vocals. The lineup stayed the same throughout its'' history.They managed to release 2 seven inch records which garnered attention from the prominent indie record label Dischord. In 1995 the band released a self titled full length cd on Dischord. They supported this endeavour by relentless touring which included opening slots for Fugazi.The band managed to get back in the studio and record a second full length on Dischord which was released in 1997 entitled "Anything Tribal". Despite marginal success the band still went out on the road. Branch Manager disbanded in 1997. All three members are still active in music. Allen went on to form Magino line. Decker plays with Emmit Swimming. Winters has a new trio, Sons of Disobedience.
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