Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Rock - Surf, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - New Wave
Bio: Libertine''s marriage of tough N.Y. glam punk and moody British pop has won over fans and critics alike. The L.A. Weekly raved "(Libertine) has all the angst ridden energy of Social Distortion and the Clash mixing with the pop sensibilities of the Psychedelic Furs." The band''s debut full length, See You in the Next Life (Sub$tandard/New Red Archives), made many 1999/2000 top ten lists and has earned praise in both underground and mainstream media, including features in Hit List Magazine, C.M.J., L.A.
Weekly, Village Voice, Flipside, Lollipop, Phoenix New Times, Under the Volcano,, and many more. Libertine has also released numerous singles, eps, and split cds. You Can''t Kill Rock and Roll (Coldfront Records), a split with San Fransico band Ameican Heartbreak, came out in early 2002.

Over their three and a half year existence Libertine has seen multiple U.S. and European tours, headlining as well as supporting everyone from the Misfits and D Generation to Reel Big Fish and Goldfnger. The band has not been shy about taking decidely ''unpunk'' gigs either, having turned heads opening for Kid Rock, Motley Crue, Smashmouth, and even Third Eye Blind.
They played Joey Ramone''s 1999 birthday bash in N.Y.C., Iggy Pop''s in L.A.
in 2000. Throw in an appearence at Woodstock ''99, stints on three Vans Warped Tours, a few movie and soundtrack credits, and you''ve got a pretty hectic schedule.

Led by the raspy, Richard Butler-esque vocals of Belvy, Libertine''s blend of punk power, new wave melody, and goth darkness (not to mention superiour sartorial sense), have won the band a loyal & dedicated following. Libertine has recorded for some of today''s top punk and indie labels, with releases on Sub$tandard/New Red Archives, Bomp!, Pelado, Kado, T.S.B., and Radioblast .
Libertine has also made numerous compilation appearences, including Clash and Motley Crue tributes. Over the last year the band''s popularity has gone
global seeing Libertine CDs released in the U.K., Germany, Australia, and Japan. The band broke up just before they were to be featured main stage performers on the 2002 Warped Tour.

Hit List Magazine calls Libertine "the perfect mix of glam, punk, and the sharp songwriting of the Psychedelic Furs and Jesus and Mary Chain...a perfect band for imperfect times." The Buffalo Art Voice said: "What sets Libertine apart from the legions of punk revivalists is the infusion of post punk influences. ..the new wave sesnsibilities don''t dull their hard edge as much as make it shine more. Add their unabashed trash-superstar mentality and perma cool stage presence and Libertine are the total rock and roll package."

UPDATE: Libertine broke up just before they were to embark as featured main stage performers on the 2002 Warped Tour. Frontman/songwriter Belvy currently fronts NYC band Madison Strays (, the whereabouts/updates of the other members of Libertine is unknown. The band''s releases continue to sell, influencing newer bands and cementing Libertine''s spot as one of the more important late 90''s/early 00''s punk bands.
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