Uncle Carl

New York, NY United States

The self-entitled first CD "Uncle Carl."
Bio: Uncle Carl would rather be in hell. It’s not that he particularly seeks eternal damnation on religious grounds. It has more to do with the certainty he possesses that his heroes, Hemingway and Poe (among others), are already down there. What better place to end up for a songwriter/troubadour like Uncle Carl? A master in lyrical character study and storytelling, Uncle Carl imagines that hanging out with like-minded social outcasts is a finer fate than anything old St. Peter might possibly have waiting for him.

In reviewing Uncle Carl’s eponymous first CD (Sha-Shu Records 1001-2), Musician’s Exchange called it “A perfect combination of style and substance.” The Night Guide proclaimed “Uncle Carl is Brooklyn’s answer to Dr. John.” His legions of devoted and enthusiastic fans concur and note that the live concert experience only adds to the recorded mystique.

Bring Me Your Children is the long-anticipated second CD from Uncle Carl. After a terse 5-year waiting period, Uncle Carl’s fans all over the world will now breathe a collective sigh of relief as the latest ruminations from his own fascinatingly dark psyche finally emerge into public view. Produced by Daniel Wise (Maceo Parker, Dog Eat Dog, and Uncle Carl’s first CD), Bring Me Your Children is a near perfect musical realization of what it means to be Uncle Carl. Along with the Uncle on guitar and vocals, the album features Ivan Bodley (Buster Poindexter, Peter Wolf) on bass, Mark Mancini (Drifters, Coasters) on keyboards, and Rich Kulsar (Monkees, Norah Jones) on drums.

Imagine hanging out in a Parisian café, in the city of love, reading letters from home about your sweetheart abandoning you for some Mafioso from New Jersey. Imagine having the audacity as an adult to spit on your birthday cake unless you get what you want. Imagine wanting to meet God face to face for no other reason than to crack Him in the jaw before He sends you to hell. Then imagine no more because Uncle Carl illustrates these scenarios and beyond on Bring Me Your Children.

Sure there are other related stories to be told, like: Uncle Carl songs have been placed in independent films and even on a game show on the Disney Channel. Uncle Carl, the master musician, appears with the Danny Gatton band in a Hot Licks music instructional video (playing bass). Uncle Carl tours with and/or is the musical director for acts like the Tokens (playing keyboards and singing), Crystals (playing guitar), Shirelles (playing drums or wearing a gown), and Little Anthony and the Imperials. Uncle Carl has toured the world and played on network talk shows. But no matter what the trappings of fame and international success, it all comes back to the music.

Discover for yourself what it means to know Uncle Carl. Listen closely to Bring Me Your Children. You’ll never look at life the same way again.
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