brooklyn, ny United States

Bio: With the release of their debut album All’s Well That Ends, New York City based MISUNIVERSE have made their statement. A sonically complete, vividly, textured record, this well planned collection of songs demonstrates musical command and songwriting strength rarely displayed in radio friendly, popular music today.

MISUNIVERSE is a band/production company, the result of a song-writing collaboration that began few years ago. Singer Dim Gurevich and guitarist/producer Kiyanu Kim met while attending New York University’s music department the two quickly became writing partners. As their shared musical influences ranged from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan to J.S. Bach, Debussy, and Chopin, composing together became second nature.

Once their college tenures came to a close, the two began their careers as professional musicians, producers, and songwriters, all the while continuing to develop MISUNIVERSE. Dim and Kiyanu were afforded the opportunity to work with other talents – Kiyanu has performed and recorded with artists such as Gwen Stefani, Maverick/WB Recording artist Mozella, Ben Jelen and producer Linda Perry while Dim continues to produce and perform with a former Elektra artist Katell Keineg and Alexa Joel.

The resulting album, All’s Well That Ends, defines itself. Dim and Kiyanu have written songs that simultaneously transcend and define the moment, their vision further enhanced by cohesive, sensitive band performances.

The seven compositions offered on All’s Well That Ends are a true display of modernity. The Brit pop feel of “Got to You First” couples well with the eloquent mood of “Almost.” Both “Butcher” and “Simplicity Herself” evoke the base instincts of humanity, honesty, survival, and, desire. With its string foundation, “Nesting” pays homage to the composers’ classical training and completes the record’s emotional journey with a seductive placidity.

Find out more at www.myspace.com/misuniverse or www.myspace.com/kiyanu
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