guayama, puerto rico United States

Genres:Latin - Tropical, Latin - Salsa
Bio: “Acere” means in the cuban folklore friend or brother inspire the Group Director Wilfredo “Munito” Soto to call the band. Mr. Soto started in the music business in 1969 with the William Manzano Orchestra in the battery and the percussion, after that he was part of the bands such Chuchon Nunez, Piro Maravilla, Johnny El Bravo, Chaney, Jose Alberto (El Canario) and Raphy Leavitt. In 2002, he became the Director of Acere.

The singer of Acere Mr. Ramon “Guacho” Diaz started in the music business with Chaney where he meets Mr. Soto between 1987 and 1993. En 1994 he moved to New York where he performed with the band “Melao” at the famous Copacabana. Back in Puerto Rico in 1999 returned to Chaney until 2002 when Acere was founded.

This album has 8 songs which are produced by Mr. Wilfredo Soto. Ten musicians worked in the recording with Mr. Danny Fuentes which is part of the band of Ricky Martin.

Acere is a production of Karina Records with POC Mr. Antonio Lebron (787) 226-2715.
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