Dave Dill

cranston, ri United States

Bio: Dave Dill is an American retro indie pop rock musician hailing from Rhode Island and is one of the freshest sounding solo artists in the independent music scene today. Having been inspired by such musical giants as The Beatles and Brian Wilson, Dave Dill’s music is reminiscent of the pop masters of the 60’s and 70’s yet retains its own uniquely modern sound heavy on melodic craftsmanship, harmonic vocals, and creative instrumentation. Dill is truly an independent artist in the purest sense as he is solely responsible for all of the songwriting, vocals, instrumentation, and production.

Dave Dill’s fifth solo 2008 release, “Follow the Summer” is a beautiful pop rock masterpiece and one which best embodies Dill’s innate melodic core as the album delivers in gorgeous Wilsonesque harmonies, complexly blended instrumentation, and lyrically poetic songs. The amazing opportunity of co-writing and co-producing three songs with legendary British songwriter Derek Holt, of The Climax Blues Band was an artistic pinnacle in Dill’s career. Derek Holt’s hit classic rock ballad, “I Love You”, has always been a source of great inspiration since Holt is the mind and voice behind one of the greatest love songs ever written. “Hide and Seek”, one of the songs written by Dill and Holt is a beautiful ballad showcasing Dill’s intimate, soft vocals and melodic chord progressions of a vintage 1970’s Rhodes piano. A cleverly produced song, “Hide and Seek” is remarkably “pure” sounding with an emotional impact that is undeniably genuine.

Popmatter’s Gary Glauber best summarizes Dill’s skillful musicianship and aptly calls him a “singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist pop wunderkind”. A “wunderkind” indeed, since Dill’s fourth solo release, “See You in the Sunshine” has received phenomenal reviews and is an international favorite among the underground pop scene. Most notably, “See You in the Sunshine” has had airplay on UK’s Radio Caroline and Radio Seagull and was unanimously regarded as one of the most beautifully innovative sounding pop rock albums from the United States. Losing Today’s Gary Sims says: “Digging up historical musical archives can have its negative consequences in terms of originality, but for Dave Dill it does him justice. Yes, he has brought us back to the heyday of his influencers but this shouldn’t be seen as a History of Music Lesson, we should stand up and give this guy a tap on the back for producing and playing music that is fresh, invigorating, and a delight to listen to.”

Dave Dill’s music is undoubtedly a delight and is the kind of music that draws you in and takes you “somewhere”; that “somewhere” being that “place” richly laden with memory, images, and emotion that all the great musicians of our time remind us to visit now and then. Dave Dill creates this interpretive world through his music which is magically ablaze with a palette of imagery and bittersweet melody that it is undeniably stunning upon first listen. Dill is the ultimate purist at heart, choosing to remain a genuine songwriter and writing music for music’s sake. His music is at once a tribute to his musical childhood heroes and a personal glimpse into his “somewhere” which is genuinely unpretentious and strikes some very strong emotional chords. Dave Dill’s music breathes with a freshness and a melodic vibrancy and is a sheer artistic example of why remaining true to the core of who you are as a person is always best.

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