Rockville, MD United States

Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Breakbeat, Electronic - Big Beat, Electronic - Ambient, Pop - Electronic, Rock - New Wave
Bio: In a world where men have gods, and the sea vomits forth evolutionary beings, hurtling through time, J-punch (a.k.a Hook the Captain) is a king among princes. Just as music attains its zenith, and what is new is old, reborn, J-punch has come to us. Fusing genres while haunting house and electronic music, J-punch is the freshest, bestest in this or any other timeline. He clobbers the fourth dimension with his original tracks, as they enter your mind and implant themselves in your past, present, and future.

J-Punch has seen original releases on some of the worlds top electronic labels. (Global Underground, 3beat, System Recordings and more) but his corporeal being resides in Washington, DC. Coming up in DC, J-punch has developed a deep respect for electronic music, and he has ridden that vehicle into the limelight. Drawing on a love for warm ambient sounds, dope disco, funky tribal beats, epic melodies, and tweaked-out human voices, there is little question why this master of the hook is the most talented new guy to come from Washington D.C. since the emergence of Deep Dish. Under J-Punch and his alternate tag Hook the Captain, he has collaborated and been remixed by various artists including Trafik, Shelley Harland, Fretwell, Medway, Paul Lancaster, Open Air, Presslab, Frankie Gee and Lighter, R:Tem, Dayzero and more.

In one short year, under the alias Hook the Captain, J-punch''''''''''''''''s first album, "Bang to This," became a legend. While most artists would be content with such an accomplishment, the Captain has propelled, ever forward, against the winds of complacence. Constantly defenistrating skeptiscism, J-Punch''''''''''''''''s second album, "Bang it Forward," contained 150% more awesomeness than ever before. Through tracks like "Bitch," "Temple," and "Remind Me," the Captain brought it with the thunder. In the arena of electronic music, "Bang it Forward," was like a big naked gladiator with a giant sword. And now, J-Punch takes things to a new level. Re-inventing the tracks, which made him famous as he travels back in time and backwards through his own body J-Punch comes full circle. With his third album, "Level," co-produced with Global Underground artists, Trafik, this album is certain to kick up the punch for already seasoned J. Every single person in the entire world is likely to agree, by following up one legendary album with another, J-punch is about to become a double-wide super legend.*
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