Rom Ryan and Moodafaruka

houston, TX United States

Genres:Folk, New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Easy Listening, Gospel/Religious, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Roots Rock, World - Spanish, World - Other, World - Native American, World - Middle Eastern, World - Island, World - Indian, Latin - Pop
Bio: While I still perform and write for my group Moodafaruka, I'm composing and recording more these days under my own name Rom Ryan

Welcome to the World of Moodafaruka!

Moodafaruka - Mood of The Dance A “faruka” (farruca) is a flamenco style of dance. We’ve combined it with the word mood, to create a new word that means mood of the dance. (We hope one day Webster’s will agree with us).
Moodafaruka was founded in 1999 by Rom Ryan. Since it’s inception it has been a musical playground for experimentation and invention. Through the blending of music inspired by different cultures into unique compositions, we try to create music that is both familiar and new.
We often are asked “What do you call this music”? A question that even for us is difficult to answer.
We now offer the following response to such a query:
Nuevoflamencoworldfusionglobalgroovengypsysurfmusic, but for expediency we often refer to it simply as “World Fusion”.

In 1999 Moodafaruka recorded their first CD - “La Luna Lounge.”
Rom Ryan and Percussionist Terrence Karn were the only members of Moodafaruka at that time. Terrence has since moved on to teach and perform throughout the United States.
The CD received rave reviews and excellent radio play around the globe and has sold thousands of copies!

Since then driven by Rom Ryan’s composition, and the talents of some of Houston’s finest musicians we have released 2 more cds. “Zazu” in 2002 and in 2004 “Blame it on the Moon”.
We currently have a compilation released on MegaWave Records entitled “Essential Moodafaruka” as of June 6th, 2008 it was number 2 on the Jazz/World Music Charts receiving airplay throughout the country.
We have released our newest cd Who R U in the fall of 2008.
It's got more of a electronica/ lounge approach to it.

Moodafaruka is a collective of musicians, but has at its core the talents of world renowned teaching violinist Mary Ann Willis she now has 6 books published on gypsy/ world violin.
Guitarist Katja Grimm whose inspiring rhythms have brought out the best in our compositions.
Virtuoso Bassist and vocalist Arlandus Chimney plays as beautifully as he sings.
Percussionist Adam Carman adds the perfect touch on both congas and dombek.
Vocalist/ Flutist / Dancer Alesha Herrera leaves us asking what she can’t do. She sings in English, Spanish, and Arabic and brings a wonderful energy to any place she performs.
You may also see with us on occasion, Osama Raad on drums, Erin Foster on Kanoon and Dombek, Dexter Ragananan on Tabla, Carlos Lopez on Trumpet, all excellent musicians and for want of space mentioned only briefly in this bio. Austinites David Rice Vocals/ Piano, Leah Zeger Vocals/Violin and Ramy Antoun Percussion are also part of the extended MoodaTribe, and perform with us from time to time depending on the time place and nature of the gig.

At the heart of Moodafaruka is it’s founder Rom Ryan as composer, promoter, producer, engineer, booking agent, and head roady, he has kept Moodafaruka moving forward, and turned a dream into a tangible living musical enterprise.

Best Original Music Group *
Choice Awards Houston Chronicle 2005

Finalist *
National Independent Music Awards 2004

Best band *
H Texas magazine 2003
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