Gary Pfaff/ Obsession Day (formerly Dial 8)

Nashville, TN United States

Bio: Gary Pfaff was born to be a musician. From the early age of 14 he began taking guitar lessons and only a few years later he was playing open mics and in bars before he was of legal drinking age. He became a fixture on the Atlanta music scene and started his first band called YG, which stood for “Young Gary”, his given nickname at the time. He had begun to take large strides in making his dreams come true working with Edwin McCain’s management company and built a good friendship with Edwin, who he would open up for from time to time in cities around the southeast.

Maturing over the years and finally becoming 21, he continued to play solo gigs around town and begun another band called Dial 8. That band featured some of Atlanta’s best young undiscovered talent that has since broken out and done their own solo things, while others stayed with Gary and continued on the path of success.

After a few band members coming and going, Gary decided that it was time to change the name of the band and the style of music to keep with the current trend. The new name of the band was Obsession Day and still remains until this day. With a solid member line up that consists of a drummer that is his brother-in-law, a guitarist best friend from high school and a new skilled bassist the road to success is looking brighter everyday. Obsession Day is currently one of the best drawing unsigned bands in Atlanta.

Now although Obsession Day is gardening for prosperous future, Gary continues to write songs that may not fit the O Day mold but work very accordingly for his solo style. Gary’s new solo album entitled White Stars was released on Barefoot Mailman Records in January 2007 and features 12 songs that cross music stylings of alternative, pop and rock.
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