Abby SomeOne

rapid city, sd United States

Bio: Hard hitting music from the Heartland
Born in the Black Hills of South Dakota and fronted by Shawn Michael Bitz, Abby SomeOne rocks the Midwest with their soulful songs, compelling lyrics, and radio friendly hooks. The sound? Think Black Crowes hit by a Train bound for Mellencamp.

Six years and six CD''s later, Abby SomeOne has endured a fire, tornado, flood, 3 car wrecks, a penitentiary, and a heart attack. A&R guys no longer scare them.

ASO’s latest single, “Fall Down” received a national songwriting award from Songwriter Universe magazine, received airplay in 22 states, and was #3 most played on XM Radio unsigned.

Bruce Von Stiers of BVS Reviews comments: “AbbySomeOne is one of those bands that you''d swear you heard before but just can''t place. They have a sound that is a mixture of Americana and hard hitting rock…Bitz and the other members of Abby SomeOne are definitely keeping it real. You won''t find a song on the album that doesn''t touch upon some element of human drama.”

ASO has appeared with Styx, Live, Johnny Winter, Sheryl Crow, the Georgia Satellites, and Kentucky Headhunters, and is road tested, radio friendly, and ready to reach the next level. Visit for more information.
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