Durham, NC United States

Bio: Letha Rodman Melchior - ELEVATED

Ruby Falls was a math rock quartet from New York that was composed mostly (or, later in their history, entirely) of female musicians. In keeping with the punk and riot grrrl spirit, most of their lyrics had a distinct feminist subtext, and they wove elements of punk into their volatile yet complex music as well, not to mention more straightforward rock and pop. Formed in 1992, the band originally consisted of bassist/lead vocalist Cynthia Nelson, guitarist/vocalists Jennifer Rogers and Letha Rodman, and drummer Andrew Bordwin. Over 1992-1994, the band issued three self-released, cassette-only EPs and toured extensively behind them they also issued several 7" singles on small indie labels like Spartadisc and Villa Villakula and appeared on several compilations. he group first issued the EP What She Does on the Personal Favorite label, then followed it not long after with their full-length debut, Heroines, on Silver Girl. Ruby Falls reconvened in 2000 for their second album, For the New Crop, which was released by Heartcore Records following its release, they officially disbanded.

Letha turned to a different direction, having her song, ''Do You Know'' included at a pivotal point in the Indy movie, by Suki Stetson Hawley and Michael Galinski, ''Horns and Halos'' and her song ''A New Summer Light'' (though credited as ''Sips of Whisky'') in the MTV funded film, ''Better Luck Tomorrow''.

Letha inspired by so-called "Elevator Muzak" has been recording under the name ''Elevated''.

She also records her husband, Dan Melchior, new records.
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