athens, ga United States

Genres:New Age, World - Tribal, World - Other, World - Native American
Bio: I was born and raised in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla on the Magdalena River and along the Coastal Mountain of Santa Marta were my parents farmed, raised 5 boys, and enjoyed a prosperous and beautiful life. My family came to The United States in the early seventies to attend university and to further our education. The production of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin encroached on farmlands and farmers who became victims of instability and insecurity. My family was fortunate enough to forsee the disastrous conseqences of the WAR ON DRUGS and were forced to make the desicion to stay in the United States.
I started my education at UGA studying computer science and basic studies in 1981.
From 1982 to 1986 I attended the Atlanta College of Art obtaining a BFA in Art. During this time I focused on photography, painting, and sound art,
I worked with artist Caroline Montague from 1983 to 1987. I assisted her in fabricating large scale painted stainless steel sculptures which included the sculptures for the Brookhaven MARTA station.
In 1983 I met artists Mari and Jeff Burt whom have been long time friends and collaborators. Jeff Burt and I worked together in audio visual projects over the years and have collaborated and have used each other as resource throughout our lives. They bave served as sources of inspiration over the years.
From 1984-88 I worked with architect and artist Max Green renovating his house in L5P Atlanta and assisted him in custom art woodwork.
From 1983-1987 I worked with artists Donna Pinter (painter), Yosi Barel (sculptor), Ann Dergara (printmaker), and Barbara Brozick as apprentice.
In 1985 I met artist Dan Saltsberg at ACA and started a friendship and collaboration that continues to this day. We started Blue Fingernail Productions with Jenny Drum and Barbara Shulte. After their departure from ACA and Atlanta I continueed with Blue Fingernail Productions which has produced countless art and music shows over the years and today.
From 1985 to today I have collaborated with many bands and stage artists with lighting, computer animation, and visual effects. I worked extensively with The Grapes, and did a show here and there with Col Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Widespread Panic, Turbid Blue, Sector 9, and many other artists.
In 1985 I met folk artist and musician Ab the Flag Man. This started a long relationship managing his band YUR for a couple of years and played and coproduced in 2 other bands: Concrete Surrealists and Disfunctional Family of which studio recordings were produced.
In 1990 I met Paul Melton a musician and artist and played and collaborated in his band The Sneaky Vampires which performed in Atlanta and produced studio recordings and TV shows.
I worked this Fay Gold Gallery from 1986 to 1993 as art handler and preparator. I worked in over 100 major exhibitions including Basquiats'' last show, Mapplethorpe, Dale Chihuly, Keith Haring, Herb Ritts,Herb Greene, Jerry Garcia, Sandy Skoglund and many more. I accompanied and was Fay Gold''s personal assistant traveling to the major International Art Fairs of the world.
From 1991 to 1993 owned and ran The Little 5 Points Gallery giving local artists a showcase.
In 1994 I moved to Athens Ga to work with Cecilia VIllaveces Cakes were I assisted my mother in getting her business out of her house and at the present location. During this time I assisted in developing recipes, baking, and building the bakery. At the present time I am in charge of installing art and wedding cakes.
In 1998 I met Muscogee Spiritual Leader John Winterhawk and with whom I collaborated in performance of live story and improvistion prayer and music. I assisted him in his work officiating in traditional ceremonies including sweat lodge purification and wedding ceremonies. We collaborated with many special guest musicians including Harold Timms, Joel Goldberg, Alberto Roman, John Serri, Jimmy Merritt, and many others. Many recordings were made around the southeast featuring different guests and on varied locations such as The Clarke County Library, The Unitarian Church, The Mountain, and the Carter Center.
Imagen Musical is a mexican band that resides in Athens Ga. their leader and musical director, Luis Marroquin, asked me to help him produce this album. Recorded by Dan Dudley at Sound Rite Recording Studio. I designed the album cover and art and assisted them in the recording process.
From 1995 to the present I have worked as a live improvisational artist using the name SPACEBAR. I usually play music with virtual guests who join in via internet conference and collaborate in art and music. I usually work with Dan Saltsberg and Terri McMannus. I collaborate with the Xray Cafe in electronic music shows and anywhere an internet connection is available.
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